Task Management Simplified.

Digitalize and simplify task management at the touch of a button. Empower your team to work efficiently with our streamlined on-site task management system.

Task Inspector provides a centralized platform for all the tasks, maintenance, and quality control information, increasing transparency and collaboration across your team.

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Reactive maintenance done right

Hotels, construction sites, healthcare facilities, and various other businesses have numerous assets running and breaking down daily. The resulting downtime can cost businesses both time and money.

Luckily, there are ways to minimize the impact of such events. Reactive maintenance addresses and corrects unexpected assets issues to keep them running at their best.

Task Inspector will maximize your team’s performance, increase the quality of your service and enable hassle-free maintenance. Reduced response time will save you both time and money.

Don't miss a thing

Manage and track work orders in a few clicks

  • Create and assign tasks with just a few clicks.
  • Receive push notifications when the work is assigned to you.
  • Monitor the status of your assigned tasks.
  • Report issues complete with attached photos, videos, notes, and technical documents for clarity.
  • Add comments for faster and smarter resolution.
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Digital workflows

Eliminate Viber groups, paper forms, and Excel spreadsheets. Digitally create systematic, comprehensive, and transparent workflows.

Workload distribution

Allocate resources and workforce when and where needed. Have a more efficient workload distribution.

Connect departments

Create a collaborative environment, save time and centralize information digitally within the platform.

Ease of use

Reduce human errors caused by miscommunication and poor handwriting. Let your employees enjoy the ease of use and navigation regardless of tech-savvy they have.

Data security

Enhance data security for your business and prevent it from going missing or falling into the wrong hands.

Customizable platform

Set up admins, reporters, and workers. Add property areas and locations.

No Wi-fi, no problem

Manage your tasks on the go with our Mobile and Web App

Task Inspector operates offline, carrying out work orders anywhere and anytime. It is available as a Web App and on both iOS (Apple) and Android.

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