Customize task management

Tailor the software features to align with your business requirements precisely. Quickly report any problems, malfunctions, or defects.

Seamlessly assign tasks and execute comprehensive quality checks. Stay in the loop with real-time status updates and easily trace assigned work orders.

Web dashboard.

An all-in-one task management system

The features of Task Inspector will speed up the response time, ensure more accountability and streamline communication between your team members so that your business operations run smoothly.

Simple troubleshooting

When reporting a problem, choose a precise location where the problem occurred. This will simplify troubleshooting and speed up response time.

Effortless reporting

When reporting a problem, choose an area and location from a drop-down menu. Select a pre-defined problem type and write a short description of the issue.


Fault reporting is available to all registered company users and workers. Speed up the response time by reporting a problem and notifying the maintenance team.

Photo evidence

Before assigning a task, attach files and images to help workers resolve the issue faster. Add comments to specific tasks to provide even more details and keep others in the loop.

Real-time updates

Get immediately notified when a task is assigned to you through mobile and web app push notifications. Notifications ensure more accountability from the workers.

Traceable tasks

Workers can access the page with task management and see a clear overview of their work orders, open unassigned tasks and follow up on the status of all the tasks.

List of tasks in English.
TASk Tracker

Track all your tasks with one app

Increase productivity with innovative task distribution and connected team members. Get insight into task management and drive your entire operations to the next level.

Smart Notification

Never miss your assigned tasks

Push notifications will immediately update you on work changes and task assignments. Stay on top of all tasks with our powerful task management tool.

A worker.
Team building announcement.

Company Communication

As a company administrator, you can now easily share information, news, and announcements with other users in your company.


Engage, Inform, and Collaborate with Multimedia Posts

Create posts with text, images, and attachments to communicate with your team effectively.

Applicants' comments.

Register for Meetings, Events, and More

We introduced the option to sign up within posts allowing users to sign up for specific topics such as meeting invitations or events.

New Feature: DasHBOARD

Effortlessly Filter Tasks with our Intuitive User Interface

As a company administrator, you can easily filter tasks according to the desired time period in the new and intuitive user interface.

Filter by type of work.
Filter by location.

Gain Instant Insights into Task Progress

You will be presented with an overview of the number of tasks based on different statuses, providing quick insights into the current situation.

New Feature: DasHBOARD

Enhanced Organization by User, Location, and Type

Active tasks are further organized by user, location, and type of work, giving you a better understanding of their distribution.

Filter by user.
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